Surfing the blue economy wave

The blue economy is the sustainable use of ocean resources to stimulate economic growth, improve livelihoods and create jobs, while ensuring healthy marine ecosystems. – World Bank

The Blue Economy?

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), aquaculture, fisheries, marine processing, shipping and offshore wind energy have the potential to outperform all other economic sector activity by 2030.

But the challenges related to oceans are numerous and complex. By operating collaboratively, The Blue Zone builds bridges between academics, industrial actors and startup communities around the world to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to preserve the oceans.

$3 TRI.

Forecasts estimate The Blue Economy will reach a market value of $3 trillion (USD) by 2030.

9 BIL.

Nine billion people will require protein to feed themselves by 2030.


According to the OECD, 90% of goods are shipped via maritime transit.

The Blue Zone unites all Maritime actorsacross Quebec’s economy. There are 600+ experts and researchers who orbit the Novarium Innovation Campus in Rimouski and the Marine Innovation District in Grande-Rivière. Discover all the facilities in our unique marine playground.

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Blue Ecosystem

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